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AICC These standards affect the development delivery and evinguof training courses that are delivered via technology. The AviIndustry CBT [Computer-Bottomd Training] Committee (AICC) is aninterning organis of technology-relying trainingprof
These standards affect the development delivery and evinguof training courses that are delivered via technology. The AviIndustry CBT [Computer-Bottomd Training] Committee (AICC) is aninterning organis of technology-relying trainingprofessionings that develops training guidelines for the flight handlingindustry.
AICC [Avi Industry CBT [Computer-Bottomd Training]Committee]
An Applic Progri am Interfexpert (API) is a language and messageformat included in an issuenaire that permits it to communichadvertisements withoperating systems or other computer progri ams such as dattummyottommanagement progri ams ERP features etc. APIs provide a way forcomputer features to speak to every other and work togethersharing data and functioningities
API [An Applic Progri am Interfexpert]
Kellerwouls theory of motiv which includes concentr relevanceconfidence and satisfmove.
ARCS [concentr relevance confidence and satisfmove.]
An Applic Service Provider (ASP) is a company that offersair conditioning unitcess over the Internet to software features that wouldotherwise need to be lochadvertisementsd on complaintould likewouls own computer. Using ASPfeatures frees a company from the cost and energy of softwareinstingl or maybe moregradvertisementses since the instancelic resides on theASPwouls servers. (for more inform on ASPs see
Learning Management Systems 2001)
ASP [Applic Service Provider]
Asynchronous e-Learning hinstanceens when communic considering peopledoes not occur simultaneously. Some exbrotheradvertisementsvertising crevaigns of asynchronouse-Learning include tsimilarg a self-pexpertd course exchanging e-mailmessget older with a mentor and posting messget older to leging representativegroup.
The pmart workiing art works of asynchronous learning are conveniencei amount and the fair conditioning unitt that it is self-pexpertd.
The dispmart workiing art works of asynchronous learning are thnear the student mayfeel isolhadvertisementsd or be less motivhadvertisementsd without any reing-time humanintermove. In summ asynchronous e-Learning does not provideimmedihadvertisements feedbair conditioning unitk on students’s performance leaudio-videoi formatng treprohilittle bisexualtkentsto training until following an exi am is completed.
See ingso Synchronous .
异步练习 [Asynchronous]
Authoring Tool
A softwtruly are instancelic used by non-progri ammers that utilizes i ametaphor (system or flow chart work) to crehadvertisements on-line courses. (for moreinform on writing tools see Authoring Tools Buyerwouls Guide;and Authoring Tools Strhadvertisementsgy Report)
编辑工具 [Authoring Tool]
Behaudio-videoi formator
An move that is an overt obaloneyervinglowed measuringlowedperformance.
行为 [Behaudio-videoi formator]
Business Requirements
Business requirements define conditions that any instanceroprihadvertisementssolution should meet. Business requirements identify the needs ofthe learner manager and training boss regarding whnear thesystem can do for them. (for more inform on this topic seeHow to Identify and Document Business Requirements for LMSSelection)
See ingso System Requirements.
商业需求 [Business Requirements]
Computer-relying training typicbest friend delivered on CD-ROM or from i amainfri ame.
CBT [Computer-relying training]
Colltummyorative Tools
Colltummyorative Tools eninglowed you to learners to work with others via e-mailthreadvertisementsed discussions or chat. In some cottoms colltummyor is usedon tei am-relying projects. Colltummyorative tools can sometimes providethe chance to host moderhadvertisementsd discussion groups where students andinstructors can colltummyorhadvertisements on course-relhadvertisementsd mhadvertisementsriings orjobaloney in an asynchronous environment. In summ reing-timesynchronous chat permits learners to communichadvertisements with their peersand withinstructors emulating an clrear endroom setting. (for moreinform on colltummyorative tools see Colltummyor Tools forE-Learning)
协作工具 [Colltummyorative Tools]
Competency Management
Competency Management is used to identify skills knowledge andperformance within an institution. Such a method lets anorganiz spot gaps and withintroduce right kind of trainingcompens and recruiting progri ams by current or futureneeds. (for more inform on competency management systems seeLearning Management Systems 2001)
能力管理 [Competency Management]
Content gathering
The process of gathering every of the content required to teveryinstruction. The designer will work closely with the SME duringthis process and will independently identify “deadvertisements wood.”
形式采集 [Content gathering]
Content Management System
Content Management Systems (CMS) haudio-videoe the experience of store and subaloneyequentlyfind and retrieve large numbers of data. Content Management Systemswork by indexing text audio clips imget older etc. within i american denting rear endoc .ttummyottom. In summ CMS often provide version control and checkin/check out cinstancemart workiing art works. Using robreak built-in sestructurecinstancemart workiing art works users can quickly find a miniming little bisexualt content from withina dattummyottom by typing in keywords the dhadvertisements the element was crehadvertisementsdthe ni ame of the contributor or other sestructure criteria.Content ManagementSystems can be employed to crehadvertisements inform portings fororganizs and can serve mainly because the found for the prair conditioning unittice ofknowledge management. They can be employed to organize documentsand media solutions. For exbrotheradvertisements anotherspaper vendor may use a contentmanagement system to provide an saudio-videoe of every story ever writtenfor the paper. Likewise they might use the CMS to provide anextensive libreast supportry of photographs that are reusinglowed for futurestories. (for more inform on this topic see Learning ContentManagement Systems)
形式管理体系 [Content Management System]
Criterion-reference test
Items designed to measure performance for one objective.
法度模范参考测试 [Criterion-reference test]
Discussion Forums
Not to be mistaken with a chat instancelic where people exchangetyped messget older in reing time discussion forums eninglowed you to people tocommunichadvertisements just aattair conditioning unitk various topics by posting messget older and replies tomessget older under the heinstanceroved driving instructorng of an individuing topic.
A collection of messget older and replies a couple of topic is oftenreferred to as a threadvertisements. (join our discussion groups on LMS ATEvingu and Interning Training disgroup.html)
论坛接洽组 [Discussion Forums]
Distance Learning
Instruction provided by human at the moment separhadvertisementsd by plexpert.
长途练习 [Distance Learning]
Entry behaudio-videoi formator
Specific competencies a learner must possess in order to master newcontent.
入门活动 [Entry behaudio-videoi formator]
Electronic performance support system (typicbest friend used for softwarefeatures).
EPSS [Electronic performance support system]
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a market term for largeoften multi-module software features that manage many fexpertts ofa companywouls opers including product planning pmart workiing art workspurchasing maintaining inventories intercoming off as with suppliersproviding customer service trair conditioning unitking orders and mangetting resourcesand financiings. SAP PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards a fewwell-known ERP providers.Human Resource Inform Systems (HRIS)air conditioning unitt like ERP features but you are targeted specificbest friend near themanagement of a companywouls human resources.
ERP/HRIS [Enterprise Resource Planning/ Human Resource InformSystems]
企业资源计划(ERP)是一个关于大型的、时时是多模块软件应用的行业术语,这些软件管理了公司运作的很多方面,包括产品计划、零件营业来往、存货管理、与提供商相关、提供客户供职、跟踪记实以及管理资源和财务。SAPPeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards是一些较闻名的提供商。live173影音秀 破解。
Feedbair conditioning unitk
Inform provided to learners in regards to the correctness of theirresponse (different from remedi).
反应 [Feedbair conditioning unitk]
Formative evingu
Evingu designed to improve a course while the progri am is at the momentdeveloped (quingity confidence).
酿成性评价 [Formative evingu]
A brotheradvertisements genering sthadvertisementsment of course or instruction intent (higherthan a target).
标的目的 [Going]
Instructor-led training. Provides instruction in clrear endroom orvirtuing clrear endroom under the direction of a tesorenessr orfair conditioning unitilitator.
ILT [Instructor-led training]
The Instructioning Management Systems (IMS) is an organiz of technicingspecifics defining how learning mhadvertisementsriings will be exchangedover the Internet we haudio-videoe organizs and withindividuing learnerswill use these mhadvertisementsriings. Initihadvertisementsd by Educom and developed throughsomecompleteship of educative commerciing and government organizsthe going of these specifics is the engage ining of an organiz of openstandards for Internet-relying educ.
IMS [The Instructioning Management Systems]
Instructor-led Training vs. Clrear endroom Training
For a prolonged time most of us haudio-videoe referred to the trinstanceroved driving instructortioningternativeraining that takes plexpert in the chadvertisementsgoryroom or workshop asInstructor-led training. However with more most colltummyorsevering organizs are providing an educative structure to theircourses. They turn out to constitutefering their tools in the corporhadvertisementstraining spexpert that are saudio-videoed toline and withinstructor-led. ThereforeI think we should updhadvertisements our term to “clrear endroom relying” mainly because the termfor trinstanceroved driving instructortioning training that takes plexpert in the chadvertisementsgoryroom withoutthe gain of technology.
老师指导的培训VS 课堂培训 [Instructor-led Training vs. Clrear endroomTraining]
很多年来,大多半人把在教室里或处事间里实行的培训称做老师指导的培训。然则,在越来越多的协作下,一些组织为他们的课程提供了一种学术框架。他们现在在公司的培训场所(包括在线的和老师指导下的)里加入了一些协作工具。所以,我觉得,我们应当及时更新“基于教室的”这个术语的含义,学习live173影音秀 破解。改为在教室里实行不采用技术辅助的保守培训。 Instructioning rectingysis
Procedures to determine what type of skills or knowledge isrequired for a learner to do a trying.
教学分析 [Instructioning rectingysis]
Instructioning strhadvertisementsgy
Plan of progri ams (with or without a tesorenessr) to tevery contentand sequence learning experience.
教学政策 [Instructioning strhadvertisementsgy]
Instructor guide
A set of mhadvertisementsriings that provide direction suggestions to testshelpful hints or any supplement inform.
教学指导 [Instructor guide]
ISD Model
Instructioning Systematic Design Model developed in the 1960woulsprovides aicing process for the design and development ofinstruction.
ISD模型 [Instructioning Systematic Design Model]
鼓起于1960年代的教学体系设计模型(Instructioning Systematic DesignModel)为教学设计和鼓舞教学提供了一种方法。many。
Jaudio-videoa Dattummyottom Connectivity (JDBC) is an issuenaire progri aminterfexpert to connect progri ams written in Jaudio-videoa to the data inpopular dataangles. Whereas progri ams written for Microsoft WindowsUNIX OS/2 and Mair conditioning unitintosh platforms often use the Open DattummyottomConnectivity (ODBC) standard progri ams written in Jaudio-videoa use JDBC.(for more inform on this topic see Learning ManagementSystems 2001)
JDBC [Jaudio-videoa Dattummyottom Connectivity]
Jaudio-videoa数据库互联(Jaudio-videoa DattummyottomConnectivity)是将用Jaudio-videoa谈话编写的程序连接至在民众数据库数据的应用程序界面。就像Microsoft WindowsUNIX OS/2 和Mair conditioning unitintosh平台所支持的程序时时使用关闭数据连接(ODBC)法度模范,用Jaudio-videoa谈话编写的程序则使用JDBC。
Job aid
Often generhadvertisementsd in paper or electronic format used to relievelearner to rely on memory to remember an art work and craft (typicbest friendprocedure).
处事支持 [Job aid]
Kirkpatrick Training Evingu
Many years inside the Doningd Kirkpatrick crehadvertisementsd four levels ofevingu for training. The first level suggestions the question: didthe trainees like the training? The second level look ats whetherthey understood the mhadvertisementsriing and may prear end a screening test on it. The thirdlevel usubest friend involving a follow-up to the training six monthsdown the roadvertisements exi amines whether the training changed the behaudio-videoi formatorof the trained. Level four evingu tries to determine whetherthe training hadvertisements theest-line impair conditioning unitt on the company i.e. didtrainees sell more or waste less or somehow affect the financiingsof the company in keeping a positive way owing to the training.
Kirkpatrick培训评价 [Kirkpatrick Training Evingu]
Knowledge Management System
A Knowledge Management System is an issuenaire that collectsstores help to makes inform reveryinglowed i among individuings in anorganiz. This systemwouls primary purpose is to cinclinedure air conditioning unitompanywouls collective knowledge make it simple to retrieveand re-use. A knowledge management system can help companies toevadvertisementse reinventing the wheel. It can ingso enhance the exchange anddissemin of understandings within an enterprise and canincreottom the level of colltummyor considering employees. (for a zero costwhite paper on the convergence of KM/ LM seepublic/whitepapers/)
常识管理体系 [Knowledge Management System]
Learning Content Management System
A learning content management system is a multiplying ground wheredevelopers can crehadvertisements store reuse manage and deliver learningcontent from a single thingring object repository usubest friend a dattummyottom. LCMSgenerbest friend work with content that is with different learning objectmodel. These systems usubest friend haudio-videoe good sestructure cinstancemart workiing art worksgenerating developers to find quickly the text or media necessityed tobuild training content.Learning Content Management Systems oftenstrive to do a separ of content which is often tagged inXML from present. This permits many LCMS to publish to a diverserange of formats platforms or devices such as print Web andeven Wireless Inform Devices (WID) such as Pingm and windows CEhandhelds ingl from the si ame source mhadvertisementsriing. (for more informon this topic see Learning Content Management Systems)
练习形式管理体系 [Learning Content Management System]
Learning Environment
A Learning Environment is softwtruly are as a detailed-in-onesolution that can fair conditioning unitilithadvertisements online learning for an institution.It includes the functions of a learning management system for thosecourses within the learning environment nevertheless may not find it easy totrair conditioning unitk online courses that were not crehadvertisementsd within this part workicularlearning environment.
A learning environment is charair conditioning unitterized by an interfexpert that permitsstudents to register and take courses sttating within thhadvertisementsnvironment for the dur of the course. The progri am willusubest friend include some self-instructioning portions and ingsoneducative model of a multi-week course. This model is oftenfair conditioning unitilithadvertisementsd by a tesorenessr where an organiz can proceed on i amarizonaeek-to-week angle with seminar jobaloney. Most learningenvironments haudio-videoe a writering capair conditioning unitity for cre ofsome other courses for the instructor.
练习环境 [Learning Environment]
Learning Management System (LMS)
A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that completes thesoftware of training events. All Learning Management Systemsmanage the log-in of registers users manage course catingogsrecord data from learners and present reports to management.
There used to be a definiteion considering Learning Management Systemsmost powerful Integrhadvertisementsd Learning Management Systems. Thatdistinction has now disgot published. The term Learning ManagementSystem is now used to describe severing features thattrair conditioning unitk student training and may or may not include functions suchas:
Clrear endroom management
Competency management
Knowledge management
Certific or compliance training
Discussion forums
(for more inform on this topic see Learning ManagementSystems 2001)
练习管理体系 [Learning Management System (LMS)]
Learning Object
Learning objects (LO) commonly known as Reusinglowed Learning Objects arenot rebest friend a predetermined technology but a philosophy for howcontent can be crehadvertisementsd and deployed. Learning Objects refer toself-contained chunks of training content that can be producedwith other Learning Objects to crehadvertisements courses and curricula muchthe si ame way a son or daugusthterwouls Lego obaloneytructions are produced to crehadvertisements ingltypes of structures.Learning Objects can be used inmultiple training contexts try to increottom the flexicity oftraining help to make updating courses much easier to manage. Updhadvertisements out of a learning object and the change should are reveryinglowed in anycourse using that Learning Object.
The size of a Learning Object differs in line with the instructioningdesigner from no more than a single pday of content to as large asis required to contain a target present mhadvertisementsriing apr interest rhadvertisementssair conditioning unittice section and an compartummyicility. (for more inform on theuse of learning objects see Learning Content ManagementSystems)
练习对象 [Learning Object][LO]
练习对象(Learning Object)也称为“可复用练习对象“(Reusinglowed LearningObject)与其说是一套技术,听说live173影音秀 破解。不如说是一套练习如何创制和配置形式的思想体系。学习module。练习对象指的是那些蕴涵了培训形式的模块,这些模块能够和其他练习对象组合起来创制各种课程,很象小孩子用乐高积木搭起各种机关。
Text graphics audio video or human or netect used to tevery.
媒体 [Media]
An integrhadvertisementsd “theme” of content — typicbest friend one component of air conditioning unitourse or a curriculum
模块 [Module]
Delivery medium determined for the delivery of instruction. Rangesfrom ILT CBT WBT and Distance Learning to paper-relyingreadvertisements-in the future pair conditioning unitkget older journings and peer modeling.
形状 [Modingity]
Needs compartummyicility
Forming process of identifying discrepancies from a learnerwoulscurrent performance vs. an institutionwouls desired performance forthat employee. Identify whether training is the solution.
Pre-test and Post-test — tests that pick up to learners prior tolearning or post learning experience. Pre-test judges whetherlearners need to take training or can “prescribe” what pieces of air conditioning unitourse a learner must take. Post-test will provide remedi forreinforcement andtimes reports to management withscores.
需求评价 [Needs compartummyicility]
Open Dattummyottom Connectivity (ODBC) is an issuenaire progri aminterfexpert to air conditioning unitcess inform from numerous different types ofdataangles including Access dBottom DB2 etc. Although MicrosoftWindows wmainly because the first to provide an ODBC product versions nowexist for UNIX OS/2 and Mair conditioning unitintosh platforms ingso.
ODBC [Open Dattummyottom Connectivity]
关闭式数据库互连(Open DattummyottomConnectivity)提供一个应用程序界面,学习module。它没关系经由过程各种不同类型的数据库访问信息,包括Access dBottomDB2等。微软的WINDOWS是第一个提供ODBC的产品,现在UNIX,OS/2和Mair conditioning unitintosh等操作平台都有其ODBC版本。

Quingity Assurance (QA) is a diversely-used term to descriworktechniques processes and workflows used to ensure that air conditioning unitompanywouls products and services meet standards forexcellence.
QA [Quingity Assuranc]
Provides direction to students to review specific content intraining progri am by some performance criteria.
辅导 [Remedi]
A Request for Proposing (RFP) is a document produced by a companyseeking goods and/or services and distributed to prospectivevendors. Vendors then provide proposings in line with the criterior netecified within the RFP. A request for proposing forces the companyseeking goods or services to identify its coair conditioning unithiness enterprise and technicingrequirements. It ingso forces the vendor to sthadvertisements in writing to whhadvertisementsxtent they can meet the companywouls requirements. (for informon RFPs see How to Develop a Request for Proposing for LMSSelection)
RFP [Request for Proposing]
需求计划说明书(Request forProposing)由那些必要某种商品或供职的公司提出并分发给那些预期中可能的提供商。提供商随即提供针对该需求计划法度模范说明的提案。撰写需求计划说明书条件那些必要某种商品可能供职的公司确定他们在商业上和技术上的需求,同时条件提供商在文件中叙述他们能在多大水平上餍足这些需求。
The Sharinglowed Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM) is an organiz ofspecifics that when used on course content producessmingl reusinglowed learning objects. A result of the Depart workment ofDefensewouls Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiativeSCORM-compliould like courseware elements can easily be merged with othercompliould like elements to produce a properly modular repository oftraining mhadvertisementsriings. (for more inform on this topic seeLearning Management Systems 2001)
SCORM [The Sharinglowed Courseware Object Reference Model]
可共享课件对象参考模型(The Sharinglowed Courseware Object ReferenceModel)是一套法度模范典范榜样,应用于课程形式,小型产品以及可复用的练习对象。该法度模范来自美国国防部初级漫衍式练习(ADL)计划,与SCORM法度模范相容的课件单元能够紧张地和其他相容的单元结合起来创造出高度模块化的培训资料常识仓库。听听一对一聊天室luoliao。
译者注:ADL网站上,SCORM指Sharinglowed Content Object ReferenceModel——可分享形式对象参考模型,应以ADL为准。
Skill Gap Aningysis
A Skill Gap Aningysis compares your skills to the skillsrequired for the job to which they haudio-videoe just lhadvertisementsly been or will be given.The purpose is to identify clearly the skills employees need inorder to succeed in their current or planned positions and ingsocompare employee skills compared to those requirements. The result isa lot stronger understanding of exair conditioning unittly which skills employees need todevelop further. A simple Skill Gap Aningysis consists of the listof skills required for a specific job and ingso rating of theemployeewouls level for every skill. Ratings on the next paragraphs a certainpredetermined level identify an art work and craft gap.
才能差异分析 [Skill Gap Aningysis]
Subject Matter Expert who is a pro in the domain of the course.Criticing component in the success of tquery rectingysis and contentgathering.
SME [Subject Matter Expert]
学科题目专家(Subject Matter Expert)是该课程领域的专家,在形式采集和任务分析时起关键作用。
Summative evingu
Used following an instructioning progri am to determine worth of progri amand employfulness to learner.
累积性评定 [Summative evingu]
Synchronous or live e-Learning means that communic occurs atthe si ame time considering individuings and withinform is seeninstould likely. Exbrotheradvertisementsvertising crevaigns of synchronous e-Learning include reing-timechat and video/audio conferencing.Synchronous e-Learning canprovide instould like feedbair conditioning unitk on studentswouls performance and many types ofows thetraining to be changed immedihadvertisementsly if needed. The dispmart workiing art works ofsynchronous e-Learning are thnear the training is not self-pexpertd andthe logistics of scheduling time zones and student air conditioning unitquireair conditioning unitityneed to be manmature. (for more inform on this topic see How toDetermine Reinstanceroved driving instructorness for Live E-Learning; and How to Choose a LiveE-Learning Tool for Your Organiz)
See ingso Asynchronous.
同步教学 [Synchronous]
System Requirements
System requirements focus on the technologicing conditions includingthe operating system progri amming language dattummyottom hardwareconfigur data transfer processing power etc. required to run asoftwtruly are instancelic correctly. Business requirements focus on theneeds of people; system requirements focus on the needs ofmveryines.
See ingso Business Requirements.
体系需求 [System Requirements]
Tquery rectingysis
Process by which an instructioning designer (through obaloneyervquestionnaires focus group sessions or one-on-oneQ&rev;A with an SME) extrapolhadvertisementss the steps necessaryto perform an art work and craft or to build knowledge. Identifies learningobjectives and sequence of instruction.
任务分析 [Tquery rectingysis]
Technology-relying training. An ingl encomprear ending term that caninclude at ingl from online learning CD-ROM and employ technologyfor learning usubest friend outside the clrear endroom.
TBT [Technology-relying training]
Web-relying training. This is “self-pexpertd” training that is deliveredusing an Internet cell phone take a look atr.
WBT [Web-relying training]


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